A Self Check-in Moment

Hi! How are you?

I know there has been a lot going on lately but I am glad that you are here.

Uncertainty can be experienced in different ways. I won’t give examples because there is no need to categorize thoughts and feelings into different boxes right now. All of our experiences are different and unique to us. Regardless of what you are thinking and feeling, I am here to say that it’s okay.


First thing’s first, can we take a minute to reset ourselves before you read any further?

Think of someone or something that is helping you get through. Write it down.

Next, think of three details about what you selected and write them down too.
Read the details to yourself and notice any sensations that you find are pleasant within your body and spirit.

Know that after reading this blog and in times of uncertainty- you can always come back to this practice.


Social Distancing

Let it be clear that social distancing ≠ isolation; although it can feel that way at times. To all of my extroverts out there- hang in there! Feel free to call, text or FaceTime a friend or a family member.

Here is a list of things to do while practicing Social Distancing:

  1. Try a new recipe
  2. Try free online learning programs like edX and Duolingo
  3. Home gardening
  4. Free at home yoga with Lululemon
  5. Read a biography of someone who interests you.
  6. Find out what things still spark joy in your closet. Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix for reference.
  7. Follow the Girls Night In book club

Most importantly, show up for yourself and take care of your basic needs. Check out the checklist below. Download it, share it and use it to keep track of your self love.


There have been a lot of changes lately and they may have disrupted your norm. Change is never easy- it’s difficult when change is optional, it’s difficult when it’s encouraged, and it is especially difficult when it’s paired with an unknown outcome. Talk about anxiety provoking.

Over the last week, there has been a strong push for employees to work from home and to self-quarantine if you feel sick. If you are new to working from home or making efforts towards recovery, there may be experiences of cabin fever-a state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place.

Know that you don’t have to go through these changes on your own. Feel free to reach out and process what you are going through. If you are not in a place to leave your home, Teletherapy is an option and available to you. There are just as many benefits to Teletherapy there is during in-person sessions. Feel free to contact me for more information if you are interested.

Take care and stay healthy!

-Elsa M

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