Sundays, The First Day of the Week

I remember taking a Sunday morning Yoga class and the instructor saying something along the lines of re-framing Sundays as the beginning of the week versus the end. I thought to myself, “Excuse me, WHAT?”

He proceeded to explain that we often do not appreciate Sundays to their full potential and we compromise them by grieving the near end of our weekend and/or feeling sad over returning to our responsibilities the next day. So then I thought, “True, true. I’m guilty of that.”

He suggested that we approach Sundays as the first day of the week in which we can practice self-care and set our intentions for the week; thus setting ourselves up for success and a clear path.

I suppose that makes sense because there is no way I can set up my intentions while running out of the door with my coffee in one hand and my to-go breakfast in the other on a Monday morning.

This past Sunday, I took his advise and did just that. I scheduled a hike and brunch date with a friend (we skipped the hike due to the local Los Angeles fires contributing to the the poor air quality). I must say, it was great catching up and hearing all about the amazing work my friend is doing for her company. It was also refreshing to talk to someone else who has a similar understanding about what it means to be a creative and innovative thinker in today’s workforce. She shared some ideas and I did too.

Then, after brunch, we took a stroll on a walking path nearby and talked about life, family, and the balance of it all.

At the end of our date, I went home feeling refreshed, motivated and Googling all of the resources she shared with me that day. Thanks to the idea of using Sunday as my first day of the week and practicing self-care along with a friend, I now have a new book to read- Radical Candor by Kim Scott, and new learning opportunities to look into this week.

*Areas of Wellness fulfilled: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual.

*See Areas of Wellness post for reference.

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